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We know how hard you work. That's why we only carry the best tools, hardware and supplies to help you get the job done. Whether your project is big or small, indoors or out, we've got you covered. We have a range of products and supplies covering building materials, plumbing and electrical needs, lawn and garden care, and tools and hardware.

Building Supplies & Materials

Plumbing & Electrical Products

Plumbing & Electrical

Whether you’re building a new home, remodelling, or completing a home repair, Pines Hardware carries a full selection of plumbing and electrical products to choose from. We stock copper, galvanized, PEX and ABS piping and fittings, as well as electrical and lighting supplies. Our staff can also provide information about water treatment, energy efficiency, outdoor living and home security solutions.

Power & Hand Tools

Tools & Accessories

Come to Pines Hardware for our wide selection of corded, cordless and gas-powered tools and equipment. We carry it all, including accessories like bits, blades, hoses, batteries and repair parts. We also stock a full selection of hand tools for the home renovator, carpenter, electrician, plumber and auto mechanic. Our store has everything from hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches to clamps, saws, pliers, tapes, levels, and anything else that will help with your project.

Hardware Supplies

Hardware & Fasteners

Whatever you’re building, installing, fastening, assembling, mounting or hanging, come to Pines Hardware for our huge selection of nails, anchors, nuts, bolts, screws, staples, plugs, plates, dowels, casings, staples, and much more. 

 Roofing & Siding

If you're thinking about re-roofing, renovating or building new, then consider a metal roof. This sustainable roofing material requires little maintenance and will last decades longer than most other roofing alternatives.

Available in rich, dark colours and soft traditional design options, Vicwest products are inspired from natural materials and made to last a lifetime. Their products are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Increase curb appeal, protect from the elements and make the wise choice for your home. Call or visit us for more information or request a quote.

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Home, Yard & Garden


Key Cutting

Key Cutting

For your convenience, we will cut your automotive, house or padlock key while you are in our store. Got a question about our key cutting service? Contact us

Propane Service

Praxair Gas Service

We provide the supply of Praxair industrial gases you need. We have access to oxygen, acetylene, helium, argon and argon mixes, carbon dioxide and propane. 

Paint Mixing

Paint Mixing

Painting is one of the best projects you can do to refresh and update your home. Whatever the project, the paint experts at Pines Hardware can help you make smart colour and product choices. Get started today. Order your Para Paint for your next painting project today. Get a quote.

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